The dark stone walls were wet with the mist of the morning, as if the damp grayness in the air outside crept through the open windows and spread itself across the walls.

He lay in his bed, speechless now in his old age, clutching the layers of blankets piled to keep him warm. He could hear them chanting in the distance.

His attendant peered through the window into the fog. He too could hear them, and though he saw nothing but the occasional flicker of a torch in the distance, he could make out what they were saying. And he could tell that this was a mob of irresistible size. He would be guilty by association, they would drag him out behind his master and...

A cough from the bed caused the attendant to turn his head, though his hands remained frozen to the sill. His eyes locked with the bedridden master, and he saw his sire's fearful inquiry, wordless but clear: "What are they saying?"

"Your majesty," his voice wavering, "they want..."

"They're coming for the links, my liege."

Eating pop rocks while drinking soda will kill you. If you were a child of the 80's, chances are, like me, you lost a friend to this horrible concoction, that for many years was as readily available to an innocent public (children, even!) as...candy and soda. Believe the hype. Ignore the naysayers. Need I point out that they never found Mikey?

Hopefully by now you've googled up the footage of Tom Cruise going completely bonkers on the Oprah show. It really happened, so if you don't know what I'm talking about, google around and read up on it before you watch Tom kill Oprah. Instant classic.

Its been a while since I linked to a game, so for the love of Aunt Jemimah, please don't spill the beer.

The meaning of life now has an FAQ on the internets. I didn't really read it but what little I did was funny, right off the bat. I probably find it funny because I'm afraid it might be meant as serious, which makes it that much more funny. Am I the only person chuckling at this point? Ok.

I've been preaching the gospel of FireFox for a while now, but these guys take it to a whole new level.

Your Google link of the week really isn't, but kinda is. Anyway its Twingine, and its kinda cool. You'll notice that the guy who thought this up gets a couple more hits on his site than I do on mine. BONUS GOOGLE LINK: look what the Canadians came up with. Just figures...

My inner hyper-libertarian nods in knowing sadness when it sees the sheer stupidity of how much we're wasting in the war on drugs.

I don't use or endorse Fusemail at this point, but it looks interesting.

Late sleepers like me now have a banner under which to rally.

Whether you've been a long time clicker of links, or you click on one now and again, or this is your first time reading one of my link dumps, clicking on any of them will open the link in a new window. That's because I choose to write the html for the link in that manner, so that you have the convenience of having my blog open in its original window. I personally like this feature when I'm browsing online because it allows me to explore new sites without worrying that I'm going to lose the original site I was on, forever beyond the grasp of my "back" button.

This last link, however, will not have that specific html code. Instead, you will leave my blog, and be completely redirected to this link. This is ok, because this post is over, and I trust you can find my blog again (I suggest you bookmark it if you haven't already done so). I implore you not to right click on this link and open it up in another window (which is what I would myself do, even after such a warning). I believe that you should be completely focused on this link, and not distracted by anything else on the internet, or in the universe, for that matter. Ladies and gentlemen, without further adieu, I give you: the internet's crowning achievement.

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