Haven't had much time for surfing, so I'll need to get on that sometime between tonight and tomorrow morning. Its back in the office again for me tomorrow so who knows when I'll actually get to it. I slipped back into previous-three-months laziness mode this week but its been good in some ways as this new cold has been a tough one to shake, though I think I'm on tail end of it now.

Nothing big going on this weekend, except its the weekend before my birthday so maybe someone will want to take me out, who knows. Youth leader meeting on my birthday then we're going out after that, too bad its on a Tuesday night. Second birthday I've had with the blog. Hmm. I'll be officially in my late twenties (and still 100% single - rapidly spiraling towards "weird old single guy status" in most parts of the suburban world, I'll still fit right in here in the city that never sleeps. Still relatively young, even. I don't like some of the mind-sets this city imposes on culture. About being single longer, working harder than anywhere else in the world seems to expect you to work, and the way so many people find their salvation in their figure, to name a few...

Every time I go to weddings anymore, the people at them (the couples in question and the guests in general) seem younger, which in turn makes me feel older. I have to go to one when I'm home in August. Thankfully its on the night I leave so I have an excuse to bow out by 10 or so.

I always find myself wishing I had started the blog years ago, but then I'm not the kind of guy that likes to admit regret. C'est la vie.

Oh and the PITA festival started today. That's what we call it, for Pain In The... its actually the St. Ann's Festival - St. Ann is the patron of the big Catholic church on the far end of our block, and every year they have this 5 day long festival that basically starts around dinner time and goes late into the night with carnival games, food (Italian) an drink, booths, lots and lots of people, and the centerpiece: a stage set up directly across from the church that blares very very bad music and very very loud volumes, every night. The poor quality of the music never ceases to amaze me. But its kind of fun, these local anomalies we have. Have to love them for what they are, I suppose.

See ya tomorrow.

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