There's something deeply satisfying about seeing an American so completely dominate the French equivalent of the Super Bowl. 4 minutes and 40 seconds. Wow.

The festival is still going on - St. Ann must have come out and seen her shadow or something, no idea why it didn't end last night. After church a large contingent headed for the festival to indulge in meatballs, sausage hoagies, zeppeli's (sp? - Italian equivalent of a donut, but not round), and the like. As per tradition, we all ended up on our deck enjoying the evening and daring one another to throw a doughy concoction off the roof (didn't happen this year).

Hit the beach Sunday morning with George, we're probably going to go again this weekend, and probably the weekend after that, for good measure. Saturday was lame, I did nothing.

Oakland swept Texas this weekend to put them within striking distance of LA and the AL West title. It also puts them a game and a half behind the Red Sox, who lead the Yanks by about the same. So we're about the 5th best team in baseball right now, by my count. Go go go.

Meanwhile the Kings got rid of Bobby Jackson. I can't even imagine that the management has brains at this point. I think Adleman's the only thing left to get rid of. To think we had a contender-level team just a couple years ago. What a shame.

That's all I can muster. Today was more working from home, looking for a position. As will be the rest of the week, except for Friday, when we take off with some of the kids from youth group for our summer trip to Dorney Park (waterpark / rollercoasters).

I hate these update-about-me posts.

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