Weeeeeelllll the Toys R Us project fell through today. I had a feeling it would. So, yeah. 3 weeks down the drain, my HR rep is gonna be so happy to hear that on Monday. Que Sera - that makes it 3 months and 3 weeks unstaffed, as opposed to just 3 months. So big deal. I've been doing as much as I think is humanly possible. And for almost 4 months, I've been feeling like I'm on the cusp of something finally happening. So even though I still feel that way now (Home Depot in Atlanta is looking promising) - who knows?

The festival has been shutting down before midnight, which is impressive. I seem to remember it going later in the past, but perhaps it was because I was on a more normal schedule in years past.

Weird to think that I've been in Hoboken for over 3 years now. No desire to leave any time soon, although the possibility now exists - looks like my friend Karyn, who also recently left Federated for Accenture, is going to transfer back to the Pittsburgh office. Which is something I'll never be doing - don't get me wrong, PGH is a cool town and I hope to visit my good friends there on occasion - I really liked living there.

But I love living in Hoboken / NYC. The same way I love Sacto / Norcal, or Denver...except that the thing I love most about those two is exactly what NYC lacks - quick access to a large mountain range. Which is why someday I'll leave here. I'll miss it, I'll come back and visit, but I'm going to leave.

Its just a question of when.

I have a goal next week, and that's to get serious about my HTML again in addition to avidly seeking out the next position with work. I want to kick start my floundering first attempts at building a site from the ground up, and see how far I can come in a week. I've got a nice long weekend to prepare for it, so next Friday I should be able to log on without excuse to blog all about it.

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becca said...

sorry to hear about the Toys R Us thing...I hope that your HR rep is able to hear the news with lots of grace and peace.