I've got a few things to say today, so strap in...

First off, I'm gonna rant here about Toby for a minute. If you check his website, you'll see that there's a new deadline for Toby. He was supposed to become stew yesterday - for the last year or so the date listed on the site was yesterday, June 30th, 2005. Sometime in the past month or so, the date was subtly updated, the rest of the page remained exactly the same. I emailed them to express my displeasure. Back before paypal shut down their account, people had donated almost $20,000 of the original $50,000 ransom for the bunny's life. Its pretty clear now that these guys put one over on a foolish public.

Secondly, the WSJ had an interesting article on how the road ahead is getting more and more difficult for Google as they seek to make all information everywhere accessible online. Copyrights and freedom of information and whatnot, especially as they continue to develop Google News, Google Print and Google Video. Video is the newest one - isn't really video yet but screen shots and partial transcripts - play around with it if you haven't already. You can see where it will go, though - it will be video with advertisements, essentially TV will become obsolete. So naturally the networks and cable companies and whatnot are in total recoil - screaming bloody copyright murder. But its going to happen. No one can stop it. Its not going to be a pretty process, though. Some interesting excerpts from the article:

"...Google's stock has risen briefly above $300 from its initial public offering price last year of $85..."

"Consumers spent 1,625 hours each on average viewing TV, home videos and movies in 2004, compared with 176 hours with the Internet and 108 hours reading books, according to preliminary data from Veronis Suhler Stevenson, a media investment bank."

"Google's chief executive, Mr. Schmidt, calls Google's mission a long-term one. 'It will take, current estimate, 300 years to organize all of the world's information,' he says."

Its almost scary how this is unfolding just like the Epic guys projected...


Just got back from George and Germ's where we watched "Waiting for Guffman," and...oh my. That's all I have to say about that, really. Its like the Napoleon Dynamite for the theater community, or something. Oh my. Lions and tigers and bears.

Spielberg's next big film is about the Israeli response to the Munich Olympics. I've always been morbidly fascinated with the whole atrocity - growing up we had an incredible documentary about it on a VHS tape and I must have watched it 5 times. It makes me sad to watch. The article I was reading about the movie recently had the picture above, and it haunts me to this day.

Its one of those Fridays. I get maybe 3 or 4 of them a year, but they definitely happen more when I'm working regularly, then have a slow Friday, which makes this one kind of odd, as I haven't been working regularly. Anyway the way it usually works is that there's a slow work day in the office, very often associated with a holiday weekend. Like this one. Yeah...so I wake up with too much energy and sit around with it all day (really should have gone for a run). I don't eat, because I'm not hungry. I just feel kinda off, but the wits are sharp and the energy level is high. It stays this way all day. 10:30 at night rolls around and I've still not really eaten much, am not hungry, and won't be for a few more hours (conveniently after everyone that's any good stops delivering for the night). I'll read, I'll blog, I'll surf, I'll game, I'll clean my room, I may even go for a midnight run. I won't sleep all night, and I'll start eating voraciously in the wee hours. I may even fold the clean laundry. I usually end up sleeping a few hours in the morning, like 7-10. That's going to be a problem tomorrow because we're moving Care bear down the street to her new apartment, at like 8:30 in the morning. And I have to go, or suffer the wrath of the guys when we meet up for our War of the Worlds matinee tomorrow.

That's all for now. Well, not really. All the typing I have left in me, though.

Happy July, have a safe and patriotic holiday.

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