I've been splitting my time this week between wonderful Florham Park, NJ and our Avanade office in the West Village. Still haven't figured out quite who the Avanade guys are or what they do, but the offices are nice. And right down the block from Corner Bistro. I like the West Village, for the most part.

Work is...interesting. Not the work so much as figuring out the language and semantics of the consulting field. I like my career counselor a lot - he's a partner in the company and has taken me under his wing, so to speak. I have trouble interpreting his guidance, but that's probably just as much my rookie ears as it is his cryptic stylings. The project I'm doing some high-level work on was supposed to be signed today, at which point I would have been officially chargeable on a project, for the first time since joining the new company. But now its pushed another week, which gives me plenty of time to get more work done on it...and that's all I've got to say about that, after all the hoopla lately about jobs and blogs and whatnot. As I've said before, I'm thankful to be here at the new company, and it goes without saying that I'll work my arse off here to get ahead, just like I have everywhere else that I've been. Only here I have newfound hope that it might actually work.

Today was hanging around the house reviewing a lot of previous company work that's been done with clients, getting a feel for how we're gonna structure this project. Other than that, not much. Drinking a lot of water and grapefruit juice, trying to flush this bug out of my system. I've been so lazy today that the only thing I've bothered to eat is some Cheetos, though I have a pizza in the oven as I type now.

What else, what else...I don't really have a post in me, for the second night in a row, and I still blame this virus or disease or whatever it is. So you're getting a sample of the hodge-podge that is my life right now. Need to book my JetBlue flight home to Cali for next month tomorrow, kinda pushing the envelope on that, and paying the bills, too. So tomorrow is a desk/room cleanup day. The roommate gets back from Alaska, I believe. I won't be playing golf with Cregan or going dancing in the city for Amber's birthday with everyone else as I'll still be trying to rest.

Maybe I'll get around to uploading some pictures, or maybe even updating my sidebar. We shall see. I've obviously listened to *something* new since Christmas. I feel like one of those rednecks that never bothered to take the X-mas lights down...shame on me. And I've been plowing through Netflix, as well...most recently finished the Godfather trilogy, tonight is the second half of Disney's "The Rookie" and possibly the compu-animation "Antz" - after that I'm going to give the HBO series "Oz" a shot, see how I like it. And after that a bunch of MST3K is scheduled. Can't go wrong there.

What else...the A's are playing Texas this weekend, the only team that stands between us and the Angels for the top seat in the AL West. We took them out last night, and put up 4 runs in the 2nd and 3 runs in the 3rd so far tonight - its 7-0 in the 3rd as I type. Go Oakland.

What else...my new phone...naw maybe I'll make a whole post out of that one. I like it so far.

That's it, I guess. I was really hoping for more, as its the Friday before the weekend deal, but there you have it. I suppose as work ramps up, Fridays will be even more likely to suffer such a fate. I'll just have to work hard to get ahead of schedule, have stuff ready to post in reserve, or something.

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