Nigh on 4 months ago I thought we'd be moving soon. How misled and naive I was back then. Yet even now I am too lazy to figure out how to get the double dots over the "i" in naive.

I haven't written about one single country in Africa, as I intended. Maybe I'll start doing that now that things are crazy and we're moving to Kuala Lumpur.

Did I mention we're moving to Malaysia?

I don't think anyone reads this thing anymore but I kind of figure that if I ever do get up and writing again some day, perhaps someone will start reading it again. Or maybe it will just turn back into my kind of weekly journal type thing. Who am I kidding, right?

Its nice to be moving to a new country with Caroline, not just on my own. It sucks that I'll have to leave her there for 3 of our first 5 weeks in country, but it is what it is. At some point I'll also have to come back to Nairobi to close out things like selling the car and so forth. What with the election timing this could prove to be more difficult than I thought.

In a way I'm kind of bummed that I won't be here for the election, but better than having to travel for work and having to leave Care back here alone behind. That wouldn't have been sawa.

I'm surprised how much Kiswahili I was able to pick up. I don't have a penchant for languages and the only other white people here that speak more than me are those who do have the knack. So that's something.

Maybe I'll pick up some Mandarin whilst bouncing around Asia.

Reading: Liar's Poker, The Unthinkable: Who Survives When Disaster Strikes
Watching: Sports Night Season 2, 30 Rock Season 3
Listening: Rat Pack music / Count Basie, and The Lumineers

I'm getting a motorcycle in Malaysia. I feel like I've been good about eating better this year. We're going to the coast here one more time this weekend - malaria, this may be your last chance to finally get me for a while.

I love my friends here and will miss Kenya.