You were this close to not getting a post tonight. Woke up sick this morning - sore throat and hacking cough - that green stuff that makes you feel like one of those dinosaurs that could spit poisonous venom. Makes me feel like that anyway. A dinosaur with a throat so sore it gives him a day-long headache.

So I was in the West Village offices for a bit but the building's AC was shot, so I stopped by my career counselor's apartment to go over the stuff I'm working on for an hour or so, then I came back here and lazed the day away, just trying to super-hydrate this vicious virus out of my system.

Like you freakin care. You're just here for the links. You don't care if I'm sick. You'd care if I died though, cause then who would you have to get your links from? Shame on you. Just for that, you get minimal links:

Cellphone Numbers Overtake Land Lines


Google Guide: Help with Searching

Tricks of the Trade

Visited States (see my map, above - the non-visted are all ones I'm fairly certain I haven't been to, Florida, Maine, Hawaii, and Alaska I know for sure. I'm guessing the ones I have said I've been to are accurate within 1-2 states, at the most...link thanks to Hotel Cali.

Oh and double Google goodness again - this one for us NYers:
onNYTurf : Google Map NYC-Subway Hack

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