S-tracking finally started working again, and I might point out that I have no gratitude for the sons of motherless goats over there who never bothered to get back to me. So, the following stats are the history of my blog's first year, plus one week.

Above, you'll see the total traffic for calendar years '04 and '05. I started in tracking around the beginning of July of '04, and from the looks of it, traffic continues to pick up. The second half of '05 should dwarf the second half of '04, at this rate. The blue column is unique visitors, the other (no idea what color, as i'm colorblind) is total page hits.

Some figures:

6355 total page views to date
3565 unique page views to date

24% of my page referrals were from Blogger (I assume mainly from the "recently updated" menu)

11% were from ImprovEverywhere, which helped make May '05 my far-and-away most viewed month to date, with over 1000 page views.

10% were from my main man Dan over at Hotel California. Dan waxes political, rants Christianical, and lusts after In-n-Out burgers, just like me. Check him out.

Smaller percentages went to Yahoo (220 referrals or 47% of search engine referrals), Google (187, or 40%), a few other search engines, and a couple blogs in particular.

Fully 43% of my referrals were from various other blogs, thanks in large part to Blogger's "next blog" button.

As for search terms that brought people to me, 60 of them were unknown (annoying), 25 of them were "all kinds of time," 14 were "christianity uncorked," 10 were "Matthias Dapfner," and the list goes down from there. Some of my personal favorites:

"geese attacks"
"hoboken blog dave time ski"
"dave barry hoboken"
"ebay mammogram for sale jesus"
"rhymes with utopia"
"anger when gets hungry"
"beer pong bursting bladders"
"dastardly chickens"
"disassembling a toaster"
"escorts 15 miles from Exton, PA"
"gristede pronunciaton"
"meditation chair and Gaim"
"squeeze tubes and dog training"
"uncle rico 32 piece set"
"unstaffed time at accenture"
"what does 'astronomically intimidated' mean?"

I hope all of you, except maybe the escorts guy, found what you were looking for.

People entered my blog via the default page 61% of the time, but came via the ImprovEverywhere post 16% of the time. The rest were via various other posts, and archives.

And, last but not least, I've been watching the watchers. 92% of you (2123) are, naturally, new visitors. But there are some repeats, as follows:

126 have visited from 2 to 5 times
25 have visited from 6 to 10 times
17 have visited from 11 to 25 times
9 visitors have ranked from 25 to 100 visits
2 of you have logged over 100 visits - my congrats

I have a general idea of who some of my repeat visitors are based on the domain names of their internet providers, and they kind of ebb and flow, following in the natural course of life as we know it...

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83princess said...

Well, I guess I should say "hi" since I have been on your site once or twice.
My name is Sarah and I am a friend of "ForeverWondering". I found your blog on her (Bethanylynn's) site.
Just thought I'd say "hey".
I think it is pretty cool the way you had all of those statistics.
~ Sarah