Great day in the morning, as the geezer used to say. Wild and crazy Friday night, up for most of it, alone and bored. Couple hours of sleep then up to help Carrie move - there were a lot of us but she had a LOT of stuff. Wow. I drove the truck over to the new place on the way back and caught the front corner of some old fart's Cadillac when trying to park it at the new place. Bumper stuck out further than I thought. Wasn't really bad, but wasn't fun. Carrie had the insurance on the truck so hopefully that will all be fine. Made me feel like crap most of the morning, though. Took a run then took off for War of the Worlds.

Go see it.

Came home, chilled out, worked on some fixes for the home comp. Headed out for dinner at P.F. Chang's (I always have a great time at that place, I don't know why I don't go more often) and then off to Cinderella Man.

Go see it.

Absolutely nothing whatsoever planned for the rest of the weekend. Maybe a little necessities shopping but I'm over budget as is so not much. Probably a lot of sleeping on the deck tomorrow as I'm starting to feel like not much sleep is in the picture for tonight, either. Don't know what this bug is I've caught.

I've been meaning to blog about a few things in particular that would be worth reading, but keep forgetting whatever they may be. One thing I finally remembered, though: I went with Nance and Gayle on Wednesday to see Jules in Phantom. I've seen the road show in a few cities but never on Broadway. It was, of course, stellar, and Jules was even more incredible than I could have imagined. It was kinda weird seeing her there, and being like, "Hey, that's Julie...". Anyway it was a great time and she and Janet (another gal at church who is in the show) took us on the whole backstage tour right after the show, which was simply incredible. They run that thing like a Navy ship, 8 times a week by my count. Wow. We walked out the back and waited to the side as Jules signed autographs, then rode the bus home with her again like our normal friend, just on a bus ride. Fun times.

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