Fast and furious, my pretties. Work is crazy. Let's hope next week I can find some decent time to browse and post something more than what a quick jump around the net could troll up.

Urban Dictionary: Define Your World
- used this to look up "jump off," thankfully one of my kids was using it for one of the cleaner definitions it gave me.


Hotel California: Inner geek - you'll notice that my links on the side-bar are now expandable. I have Witw over at Hotel Cali to thank for that, took me long enough to make good on my promise.

looks interesting, or possibly not.

The Miniature Earth - just like the old email forward that used to go around, but still interesting to see.

The Shirt - I remember once at one of my old jobs some vendor gave us a few of these and we thought it was cool because we worked fashion/retailing and he was a shirt vendor and blah blah blah now I think its stupid. Enough to link to.

Cool pic of Paris by night. Too bad Paris is in France. At least they didn't get the Olympics.

Come Clean appears to be a clean version of some of those confessional sites out there. Hence it gets boring quick.

FOUND magazine
has an interesting idea - finds of the week.


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found magazine is awesome. i have 3 issues, and there are some just spectacular things in there.

have a good one!

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