Three months of not really working will make you forget quite acutely how much you dislike Mondays, quite acutely. Work has to start sooner or later in the week, I suppose.

On the drive back from Ocean City, it was Russ, sitting in the passenger's seat as I drove, who first voiced what we were all thinking, those of us who were awake, at least.

"I wish tomorrow wasn't Monday."

"Yeah," I said, "I wish I was still out in the water right now."

Our rental was a brand new Dodge Durango and heaven knows how much I like driving, so I couldn't really complain - it had been a great weekend and I was having fun even just driving back.

Friday after work I caught a ride down with Mindi, Kuz, and Grant - Jenny, Peggy, and Russ driving along with us in Jenny's car. Cregan, Titus, Spring, Phil, Amber, and Daisy were all down there already. We had our first planning session Friday night then hit the sack. Saturday was more planning, then off to the beach for the afternoon.

As I usually do when I get to the beach, I started swimming away from the continent as soon as the sunscreen dried. I usually go a few hundred yards just to put some fear in to me, and most times it pisses the life guards right off, but this time we found a nice empty stretch of beach that was actually state park and hence free of life guards, although we were only a few yards from where their territory started. About 150 yards out or so, I stop to take a look around, make sure I'm not in any kind of rip-tide, etc, and I put my feet down and almost completely freak out when I realize I'm standing on something. The shock only lasted a second as I realized I had found a sand bar out where the larger waves were breaking, and it was awesome - at points the water between waves was only waist deep. It was like having my own personal beach a football field and a half away from the rest of humanity.

I tried to get some of the guys to venture out but the swim was a bit intimidating. Amber finally made it out near the end of the afternoon - she grew up in Florida and so, like me, has the surfer's confidence in the ocean. I think it can be an intimidating thing for people who didn't grow up around it. Lots of good body surfing, then back to the hotel for showers, and out for a great dinner at the big seafood joint in town. More planning/meeting Saturday night and Sunday morning, then a couple more hours at the beach before hitting the road again. Laundry last evening and work all day. Tomorrow I'm headed out to middle of nowhere NJ to one of our satellite offices for some meetings. So who knows when I'll be back or if I'll get the normal CC post up in time. We can hope...

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