So I'm walking home from work today, I have my Qdoba in a bag ready to sit on the counter while I take a nice long run in the after-the-rain cool of the evening, and I notice the guy walking next to me down the street is staring right at me. Its an old buddy, Rob, from my college days, who worked with me at Kaufmann's for a couple years after school and then took off for Filene's in Boston (staying with the same parent company) when I left to come to New York. I asked him what in the world he was doing here, he lives in Hoboken now and works for a vendor in the city. He asked me how I was doing, and my response was instantaneous.

"I'm great."

I live a semi-charmed life. We headed to Willy's and traded beers and stories from the past couple years - we're both still single and just enjoying life as twenty-somethings. He lives 2 blocks from me now, which is a trip. We were never really on the same path in life, which is why we never really kept in touch once we left the 'burgh, but we recognize that in each other and enjoy each other anyway. He's about where I would have expected, and I suppose I'm the same to him.

I am great, though. It was a poignant half-second that I had to reflect on that answer as it became verbal in my mouth, one of those moments that you'll probably never forget. You see all this history standing in front of you, think about where you were and how far you've come, and what you have now. You see that only goodness and mercy have followed you all the days of your life. Things are great. No complaints.

Not even the brutality that work has turned out to be these past couple days. Not fun, but no complaints, right? Its good to have something to do again, and even though Toys R Us will be a terrible company to work with, and I feel little to no direction in my first couple days, I'm glad to be doing something. If I had to metaphor it...well, imagine if you were a writer and they asked, on your first day, that you start writing a novel. Well, you start banging out ideas, right? They don't tell you what its supposed to be about, or how long, or when they want it...you just guess at all the details. Oh, and one more thing...they want it in Mandarin Chinese.

Whatever. I'm at a better company, with better people, I'll be challenged for a change, and I'm supremely thankful for the opportunity. I just hope I don't screw it up.

Nothing to report of the weekend, after the movies on Saturday. Sunday was lazing, a run, church, some hanging out down by the waterfront with church folks. Monday was more lazing, running, then watching the fireworks from our deck (see above) since I was too lazy to walk down to the waterfront. Gives you an idea of what it would look like from my place were the aliens to begin their assault in NYC. Which makes sense - they'd probably hit us, DC, maybe Chicago, San Fran, and LA simultaneously. Maybe Miami too. That's how I'd start the invasion, if I were in charge.

Then Tuesday started work. How I banged out a CC post after working from 9am til 10pm, after not working a day in 3 months...well that's grace, right there. This week will mark the start of that new trend I predicted: Mon-Fri posts, weekends off. You were only getting here's-what-I-did drivel anyway, you'll survive. I'll try to do meatier Friday posts to give you something to suckle on 'til Monday rolls round. I've been working on organizing my favorites on the work comp this week, plus doing a little surfing, so who knows what internety goodness may await you this week.

Friday I'm taking off either around lunchtime (if possible) or dinnertime (again, if possible) for our annual youth leaders planning retreat weekend deal, this time down near the beach. I deserve some beach, I've been diligent in working on my tan and my waistline in my time off from work.

Look out, Loretta.

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