7/7 became the UK's own little version of 9/11 this morning, as terrorists orchestrated mass murder in the public transit system during the morning rush hour in London. I trolled through more than enough pictures on it just now, thanks in part to Flikr's 7/7 site. Wikipedia seems to be keeping an extremely detailed up-to-the-minute page going on the events across the pond, as I write at least 38 have been confirmed dead, in what is believed to be 3 underground train blasts and one bus blast. There were multiple other controlled detonations throughout the day around London, and there's the general chaos that comes with such an event, although a lot less than we saw here a few years back. Let's hope that this is the worst taste they ever get of the terrorist hatred.

Ironic that there's been talk of Britain pulling forces out of Iraq over the past few weeks. Doubt that's still a lock-in at this point. Check out the bottom of the Londonist's day-long recap of the events over there and you'll see the same instant rage that was felt state-side in the aftermath of 9/11. Note to terrorists: pissing off England = bad idea.

Today was not fun, finding out about London, then noting the police presence at the PATH kicked right back up to RNC / 9/11 anniversary status. PA cops with German Shepherds above ground, barking at people's suitcases, PA cops with more sheps on the train platforms two levels down, PA cops in full battle gear with M-16's and MP-5's strapped to their chests standing around the middle levels.

I have lots of links but...I'm still at work. Needed a news/blogging break before I try and finally kill this evil Replenishment/Allocations beast project. I simply can't leave it alive and waiting for me over the night. And I have to pack tonight as I leave for the beach weekend with the youth leaders directly after work tomorrow. Joy.

So...you get double linkage, tonight and tomorrow. If I can make it happen, tomorrow. Otherwise you might get drivel tomorrow, or a quote, or butkis, who knows...

About halfway down SpaceWeather's page, you can find out all about Potentially Hazardous Asteroids. There's over 700 of them, but don't worry - astronomers are finding new ones all the time.

Simply genius response to the Supreme Court's ruling on eminent domain.

Another good way to support the troops. I've linked to others, previously. Find yourself a soldier to adopt, if you don't have one already.

"Badges? We ain't got no badges! We don't need no badges! I don't have to show you any stinking badges!"
100 Greatest Movie Quotes of All Time. For now...

(The last three links are courtesy of Banshee Blog - a fellow GCC alum of mine - you'll find her in my sidebar and I'm glad she's back up and blogging, btw.)

Remember the Darwin Awards emails? They have a web page now.

Unfortunately the complete list of Photoshop Tips is only 39 tips long.

Internet Traffic Report.

Link I just found and it looks cool but I haven't explored it much yet: Notes from the road.

Tomorrow: lots of map goodies, especially as it pertains to Google.

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