You are blessed with photobloggery tonight as I'm all worded out. Just random stuff from the past couple months, as I've been poor at posting them when they came around...starting with the most recent:

At the Sandy Hook beach with Matt this past weekend. Lame waves, but a nice beach / state park.

Sandy Hook is situated almost directly across a giant bay of sorts from lower Brooklyn and Manhattan, which can almost be made out in the distance in this picture.

Just off the beach, hidden in the dunes, are the remains of an old war fortress from WW1 (I think) where they tested cannon velocity and the like.

This is my buddy Paul at his going away party - I worked with Pauly with the youth group for the full 3 years since I moved here, last month he moved back home to Texas to start his dental practice. He's a good kid.

From our trip to the Max Q student leadership conference in Atlanta - we spent one morning at the MLK Jr. museum / burial site.

Parishioners still attend the original church he spoke at.

More of the reflection obsession.

And again.

Ti and I with our Varsity Diner hats.

The group headed to a cemetery for one of our last activities.

Cregan with the coach of Georgia Tech (who at one time had something to do with the Dolphins, apparently).

That's all for right now, likely more photobloggery on Friday as I'll be spending all day at a water/rollercoaster park with the youth group.

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