Well hey...

I have a lot to catch up on, and I've come to terms with the reality that it won't happen anytime soon. (Although I do plan to get brief reviews out there for the latest netflix and in-theater movies.) I recently finished the Playmakers mini-series...post to come on that.

Fall has begun. Monday nights is recuperating from Mondays. Tuesdays is Men's Accountability Group. Wednesday is Home Fellowship Group. Thursday is my first free evening of the week, if it happens to be un-scheduled to some other random commitment. That means laundry or clean-up or something here in the place...after a good, un-rushed workout. Friday is a good workout then chinese and a pass-out from exhaustion. Here we go again. The goal is not to be burnt-out by mid-spring.

So I'll lead worship on Wednesdays and Sundays. At least my comfort level on the guitar will continue to elevate. Also, I'll do the Sunday lesson for the High School group. Public speaking skills, baby.

We're off and running. Hopefully le blog will survive.

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