Rest for the weary

First blog post from California. Boo yah.

We're live in Nevada City, CA. Staying with the grandparents for a couple nights. Let's recap:

Snuck out of work Friday afternoon and caught the train to JFK. Very easy commute, that one. I no longer consider JFK the most inconvenient airport (LGA takes #1). Hopped a Jetblue flight direct to Sacto. First time flying cross states direct. I never want to have a connection again, ever. It was the best. Get on once, get off once, voila. Also, Jetblue rules. Service was some of the best I've ever seen on a plane, and you have Direct TV in your face, which makes 5 hours seem a lot shorter, especially when the better half of it is the Yanks-Sox game.

Home with the fam. Woke up on Saturday and read the local paper. Then hit Fry's (think Best Buy on steroids) with my brother on our way here to Nevada City. We went to the whatever-annual Draft Horse Classic which apparently is a big deal around here. Lots of horses, and by horses I mean whales with legs. These things were various versions of Clydesdales, Shires, Percherons, Belgians. Saw a cool lumberjack expedition, and then, inspired by the massive size of the horses, I stuffed myself with a giant chili cheese dog and a basket of fried shrimp and fries. Went to the show/competition, which was essentially all of the horses dolled up and running around and some guy judging all of them. How he determined 1st thru 6th place for the various "classes" was never revealed. I think it had something to do with how they pranced. Or maybe how shiny the wagons they pulled were. Who knows.

Went to the grandparent's church this morning. Its nice to see other churches but it reminds me how blessed I am with mine, that's for sure. I'm pretty sure I was the youngest person in the sanctuary. Rainy afternoon.

Watched as much football as I could manage today, and only missed 3 games in the pool which was good enough to win the week (everyone picked Philly tomorrow and I'm a game ahead, so I win), tho Cinci-Miami was a nail-biter that would have given the week to the guy who had the Dolphins. Whew. I missed Carolina, but I still stand by my Chiefs pick - only 2 people in the pool took the Panthers. How the Broncos only imagined to get 6 points is beyond me, and the whole pool picked the Packers, so no love lost there. If I had bet against Brett, they would have won. I probably won't see many games for the rest of the season (youth group / evening service) so it was good to stock up. Here's to Cinci for breaking the curse.

Tomorrow I plan to go for a nice long run (as long as I can, above 3500 feet), read a lot, have a burger for lunch, and hopefully find a net-cafe where I can upload my pictures from the weekend. Sadly, the gramps, just like the fam at home, have dial-up. Alas, no pictures on-line yet. Tuesday Robbie will come up to hang with the gramps for the day and I'll take the car to see a bit of Tahoe, then back to Sacto. The whole week is kind of up in the air. I'm too lazy to really plan anything.

I don't think I'll ever relate to my family in the way in which I desire too. I don't think that's a prayer that God plans to answer for me. And I don't say that to blame Him, I know its my fault. But I'm tired of failing in my attempts to put their interests ahead of mine and consider them better than myself, and at no time are my failures more evident than when I come home.

What a day.

I need a drink.

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