Why we are at war

Today is the day that all the Bush-bashing, anti-war, raving lunatic liberals have to sit at home and be silent. Today is the day we remember. Much of our ability to recall is based on external images - words, pictures, sounds that trigger an emotional response to a latent memory. Sadly, much of the industry that controls our words, pictures, and sounds, is part of the vast minority that must sit in silence today, because the very nature of this day trumps any argument they will ever be able to make.

Go here, open it in a new window and wait for it to load. Its worth the wait, to remind yourself. Be warned, it may be hard for you to watch. You won't find anything like this on the news media today, but you should. I hope someday in the not-too-distant future, someone does a decent documentary of the actual events of the day. Our posterity will need it.

Lileks' piece from '03 is also pretty powerful.

Glenn Reynolds states it simply.

3 years ago this morning, Americans like you and me had to decide between being burned alive or jumping to their deaths. This week the 1,000th American hero died in the Middle East on the continuing quest to ensure that our Enemy can never do this to us again.

God bless America.

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