RNC wrap-up

Well, NYC has returned to its purely democratic state of stupidity. Last night, as I walked the block from my office door to the subway station, there were cops leaning up against my building, almost shoulder to shoulder, had to be more than 200 of them, just on that block, just on that side of the street. Ditto for the other side. More cops than citizens. This morning, I emerge from the same subway stop to walk the same block in the reverse direction. Not a cop to be seen. Their barriers still lined the sidewalks, but without their guardians, were rather like train tracks long abandoned - infrastructure that once served a vital purpose but now had no more need.

I guess the boys in blue ran home as soon as things ended last night. I don't blame them. Good job, fellas.

Saw some mild protesting in Union Square on the way to the party last night, but that was about the sum total - I did a fairly good job of avoiding it otherwise (excluding the riot on the floor). Trains and buses seemed to run pretty much on schedule, and weren't over-crowded, so not much to speak of there. Walking around midtown in the daytime was a nightmare, but for some weird reason foot-traffic seemed to actually be moving more smoothly during the rush hours. Traffic was bad for those in cars, with all the street closures, but I didn't have to deal much with that. Last night they had a direct path from underneath MSG all the way to the tarmac at LGA, completely closed off to civilian traffic. Only for a couple hours, but man...that is cool. Also there was only one train under MSG during the time that he spoke, and it was empty save for Secret Service members ready to take it straight to Jersey in a hurry.

The party platform was a lot more conservative than expected, but I'm ok with it. One of those err-on-the-safe-side type deals. The speakers were about what I'm sure they were planned to be - Giuliani for the swingers, Ahnold for the glitz and glam, Zell-on-wheels to take the gloves off, Cheney to set the stage, and the man took it. His speech was ok. Not great, not terrible. What it was planned to be - steady freddy.

The real convention was held in the 100's of flesh-pressing events, day and night, during the week. I did my best to make it to as much of this as possible but you can only see so much. Had a blast, would love to do it again. Didn't end up volunteering a lick, really. No free polo shirt for me.

I talked to Dave, and I talked to Rebecca.

That's a successful convention in my book.

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