take a deep breath...

O.K. so now I know what Brec has been dealing with.

I've been housing her friend Cisco for 2 nights now. He's a nice kid. A genuine conservative at heart. A pleasant soul. And he's a dolt.

He left his camera in the cab we took home from the city tonight. That camera had a picture of the both of us with the Governor of Maryland, pretending that we were the most important 2 votes he would ever get. Much, much more importantly, that camera had the pictures of Dave Barry and I, also Dave Barry and Brec, and now that miserable camera is forever lost to wherever that Nigerian taxi driver sees fit to sell it to - little does that bugger know that I'd gladly pay him twice whatever he'll get for it, if only for that one picture of Dave and I.


And I'm trying not to feel to bad because I'm not the one who's actually lost a camera.


Well, Brec, in all her wonderfulness, had a professional photographer snap a couple of our whole group with DB in the middle, so Lord willing I'll still be able to provide proof of my favorite night ever.

Bah. Tonight I took off around 5 (ridiculously early) and had a full 4-course meal with Grace, Brec, and Cisco (who showed up around course 3). I highly recommend Amanda's, especially for a date. Quality. Then I caught a mini-nap before showering and heading back into the city with the 3 accompli via ferry.

The party was...odd. We got out of there before being corralled into any further volunteer work, but damn, I wish I had the pictures. Now I'm home and ready to crash for a few hours before the office looms again.

Tomorrow I hope to see the inside of the garden, albeit briefly.

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