Well I really didn't expect to get caught up on all the blogging I need to get caught up on while I was on vacation. And I lived up to that expectation. Or lack thereof. Whatever. Movie reviews, Netflix reviews, site updates, general stuff. Oh well. I'm not making any promises as retail enters its hellacious fall season and I still haven't been able to find my way out of the industry.

I don't really have much to say for the vacation wrap-up. I guess I'm at a loss for words. A lot to think about, a whole, whole lot, but not much to say. Basically nothing went according to plan, but then there was never really a plan, so there you have it. Yosemite kind of came and went, and then I had Friday and decided to fly out that night (this morning, mainly). Got into JFK around 7am this morn and took the AirTrain to Penn Station then the Path to a cab to my door. Spent the day unpacking, on the computer, and putting together the lesson for tomorrow.

Went by Cregan & Mindi's to review what I had put together with Cregan, then off to Joel's for poker with Joel, Peter, Iain, Darrin, and myself. I held my own for a while, and then Peter took me out in two fell swoops which occurred in the space of about 30 minutes. The first major blow to my stack was when Darrin dealt a "5 card draw, deuces, traces, and one-eyed-faces." Lots of wilds, but you can only have so many great hands, all the same. I held 2 aces, a 2, and a 3. Basically 4 aces. Peter had 3 queens and a pair of 3s. Basically 5 queens. Mind numbing. As if that wasn't enough, I ended up going all in against Peter at the end of my night on the Texas Hold-em that Iain called with 7's wild. I was sitting pretty on a club flush with the 7 in my hand. Peter had the Queen. We all weren't sure how to call it, so he and I played one more hand, winner take all (I had to buy more chips, how convenient for him).

Nobody will miss a rent payment over what we're playing with, but it isn't pocket change either. Its enough to have a good time and take it seriously but not be irresponsible with our money. It still feels like a punch in the gut to lose like that, though.

Well, hopefully I'll catch up soon. Maybe not. Either way, something will happen. Or not.

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