So I wake up to the pleasant sound of rain on the roof. I love living in a roof-top unit, you can hear the rain. Normal routine, shower, brush teeth, etc.. As I'm toweling off I notice a gash on the bottom of my right pinkie toe, right where the toe meets the foot. Its deep. Maybe I tore it open on my run last night or something? Who knows.

Decide I want to wear a shirt that needed ironing. Pull out iron and ironing board, iron shirt, unplug iron and put the board back in the closet, when I notice that there's water coming off one of the pipes that comes from the ceiling (its our utility closet, the water heater and whatnot are in there). Yeeeeeeah, we've got a leak. Pull all the junk out of the closet, put a bucket under the leak. As I'm positioning the bucket, I realize the burning sensation in my leg is the still-hot iron that I had set on the floor. Right leg is officially falling apart, check.

So I finally get ready to go and head for the door. No umbrella. Left it at work yesterday. Not an umbrella to be found in the place. Put on my rain jacket and head downstairs. Decide to check garage for umbrellas. Garage is flooding. Call roommate (again) with updated damage report. Head out door. I'm standing under the awning and the rain is pouring and there's no way on God's wet earth I'm gonna get a cab. I call C&M and decide to head over there to borrow an umbrella. Start running in rain, come around corner, and there's a girl walking toward me in ankle-deep water, holding her shoes in her hand. Take off shoes/socks, roll up pants, wade down block. When I got there, Cregan was leaving to drive downtown to pick up their nanny, so I had a ride. This was the first thing that went right since I woke up to the sound of rain, pretty much.

Thanks to the flooding, most of the intersections were knee-to-waist deep by the time we started driving, so traffic basically wasn't moving. Spent a solid hour in the car, without going more than a mile. When I got to the train station, it was apparent that the buses had been shut down, because the trains were packed to the gills.

About 2 hours after I set out, I finally got to work. They're saying tomorrow is going to be worse. Great.

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