RNC Update: he got game

Ok, so I just *finished* with the explanation/apology for the lack of actual convention coverage in exchange for socialite reporting, and I'm back at it. Well, expect another apology.

Today was, again, odd. Work in the morn, then off to CK to work the line. Took off for an extended lunch break to get the interview completed. An Aussie firm working on voter behavior - a quick C-note. Back to CK to finish Jan and Feb (what little part I actually had in it), then back to the offices, where I caught up on bleat, OJ, and some mildly heated email debate with Kath on politics and mores at large.

Then it was off to the 50's in upper midtown for a Cuban dinner at a very official Cuban restaurant - Brec's idea. It was the same foursome, her, Grace, Cisco, and I. I tried not to have to much to eat as I knew what lay ahead. An evening at Pressure (aka Bowlmore Lanes) on University just south of Union Square. Pretty subdued until the prez's speech, and then pretty subdued after that. A College Republicans scene mainly. CR didn't nearly fill up the very cool club, so it was a bit weird. I chatted up the bouncer at the VIP lounge a few times, so I had the in there (it was empty all night) but no one worthy of accompanying me ever showed up. Made for a strike-out evening, except for...


She was a knock-out waitress that made eyes with me a couple times early in the evening, and what eyes they were. Probably from the islands South of Asia but I guess I'll never know. I finally asked her to get me another drink, and that was about all of the conversation we made early on. But then, just before we were going to leave, I resolved to talk to her or die trying. I headed back into the lounge area that she was working and waited. And there she was, and then we talked.

Cash money.

I laid a line on her at the end of the overall encounter, and she politely informed me that she had a boyfriend. I realized I had forgotten the safety line - the self-depreciating "a girl like you must be spoken for...". Ah well. My game is rusty, so I forgive me. We even chatted for a bit after the boyfriend bomb.

If I could do it all over again, I would, the same way, ten times in a row.

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