Thank you, Jim...

My fellow Americans, you've just witnessed a debate.

In all honesty, I was going to resist the urge to blog.

After a long day's suffering, I met J-lo at the Starbux across the street for a debrief on last Sunday's high school lesson. Turns out my presentation of the lesson took 2 minutes, while the rest of the hour and a half was comprised of analysis of my relational weirdness. Correct...but...whatever. I think we'll be better friends for it. J is a good girl. If she could be less like me, she'd be a lot better.

Lots of talking on the busy sidewalks of NY, then I finally decided to leave my gym bag in the office and rush home for a brief grocery stop and home just in time, literally 5 seconds before the candidates took the stage, for the debates.

Basically a solid 80% of it was on Iraq, with some North Korea and Iran diversion. I liked how civil they were, but I think this was just another mistake in the string of very bad decisions for Kerry. Why, just today, his website listed his preference for mandatory national service. Convenient that the page has been removed.

The one thing that I did notice, throughout the debate...let's put it this way. If, in November, moderator Jim's vote will determine the presidency, John Kerry will win in a landslide. If the public's vote determines, Bush in a landslide. Kerry looked exclusively, directly at Jim for the entirety of the debate, and referred to him by his first name many times over. Bush looked the American people in the eye and stood by his decisions.

God bless Texas.

While I realize that I owe a Netflix review on 1) BOB, 2) Mystic River, and 3) Playmakers, which were all great in their own regard...

I now return to watching my Netflixed copies of Sportsnight, which, eerily, began in '98 (from what I gather) and therefore continues to provide cut scenes of the 2 towers.

You put any red-blooded American in a sound proof room and make him look at pictures of the towers, all lit up with human life. I guarantee you, Bush's margin of approval goes up. Guarantee.

More Of The Same, please.

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