Fast week

Friday I fly home for a little longer than a week's vacation. So Thursday night is packing, Wednesday night is youth ministry leadership planning work with Cregan, tomorrow night is men's accountability with the guys, and tonight was MCM til just now, and...well how about that, I'm out of nights. I wonder when I'm going to clean up around here, sort thru the paperwork, and pay the bills? I'm just going to have to get out of work on the early side on Thurs, I guess.

That said, there probably won't be a great deal of blogging this week. Probably not a great deal while on vacation, either. I'm ashamed to admit my family's deep, dark secret: they still use dial-up. They really haven't discovered the multitudinous marvels of net-life, yet, so they don't need the direct IV drip connection that people at my age require. I will be doing my best to take lots and lots of pictures, however, so there is that to look forward too, when I get around to posting them.

I like how I'm talking like there's actually an audience out there that is reading this blather en mass.

Weekend wrap-up: work late on Friday and barely squeeze in a workout afterwards. Saturday was comp time then gym, then the Q with Kath to work on the big youth ministry planning project that Cregan and I hope to wrap up on Wednesday. The big concern here has been how we're going to present all the info to the leaders without coming off like tyrants, getting everyone to take ownership. Its become apparent that only God's grace is going to allow for that. Grace, please. PLEASE.

Saturday eve was the going-away party for Grace

and then afterwards I headed over to Steven's point to snap a few pix of the light.

This is by no means the best shot of the light, but its one of the best ones I got with the flag at half-mast in the foreground, and I like the idea, at least. Tough to get right without a tripod. Earlier in the day I had thought about heading down there but I'm not really up for that. Not yet, anyway.

Sunday was morning service then a picnic with the youth group in Central Park. Perfect day. Lots of soccer. Home, shower, evening service, laundry.

Totally blew it in the first week of the football pool. Absolute stinkology. The Jets??? Where did they come from? And how did Baltimore evaporate in the off-season? Apparently Detroit picked up their steam. Wow. I took Indy for the opener and they really should have won that game. Picked the Pats every single game last season, why I got off that horse I'll never know - a momentary lapse of sanity.

I have a trainee at work now so she'll keep me plenty busy when I'm not trying to get everything else done, on top of which we are still in market, so, until I type again, adieu...

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