That's what I did this weekend. If you define nothing as:

Friday afternoon I hit the gym, that evening a few of us went to house-warming party for a dude who just moved to Hoboken. We didn't stay long (the party lacked AC), and then we went to Black Bear for dinner. I still wasn't in the mood to eat/drink after my Thursday night/early Friday morning adventure. I was not suffering from a hangover, mind you, I was just thrown off kilter by being out that long. Saturday was sleep in, computer, gym, Q, home. Sunday was sleep in, computer, gym, Q, evening service, some guitar time with James, then Willie McBride's with a few of the gang for pool and drinks. Today was sleep in, computer, gym, Q, home. Worked on the guitar stuff some more on the deck while the sun went down.

Basically I rested, which was what needed to be done this weekend. Everything starts up again now. Home Fellowship Group on Wednesdays, youth group on Sundays and all the other misc. related events, and work kicks up straight thru January. Summer is over.

I had a good summer. The fastest one yet.

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