Quickly now

Just a brief update.

Monday I headed to Empire State Mine with grandma (mom's mom) for a couple tours. Interesting stuff - will elaborate when we return to normal blogging status and can post some pictures. Then I went for a run along a canal on the side of the mountain they live on - pretty cool area. Then MNF, which didn't really matter except for overall season points, since I had already won the week.

Tuesday Robbie was supposed to drive up and spend the day with the gramps so that I could head for Tahoe with the car. Car trouble. Gramps drove me down to Sacto and I spent the day with the fam, ended up reading Monday's WSJ special section on football, which had some interesting articles (also more later). A run, then dinner with the fam. Devotions, early bed.

Today I *was* going to get a ride to Enterprise so I could rent some wheels and head for Tahoe/Nevada/Yosemite over the next couple days, but we decided to do a family trip to Yosemite, which is just as well. No Tahoe/Nevada, but I get some more time with the family. I may even get to Tahoe on Friday, who knows. Doubt it.

I think the next couple days will be good for me. Lord willing I'll have pictures from the top of Half Dome.

Right now, I'm in the computer lab at the local Community College, where my bro takes some classes. He's actually at a starbux somewhere studying with a pal, but I came here to find fast free net access and upload the current bunch of pix to imagestation. I forgot how much I need broadband. I feel like a heroin addict must after deprivation. I don't want to leave.

I'm sitting in the language lab and trying to look like a student. I think my lame attempt at facial hair is helping the facade.

After we get back from the park on Thurs or Fri, my plans will depend on how much time I have left. I need to throw this Sunday's high school lesson on powerpoint and get it to Cregan by Friday, and Saturday is the high school reunion, which I have to book out of straight to the airport for my red-eye back to the East side. I'm only halfway through the vaykay and I feel like its almost over. Its going fast enough, that's for sure.

I like being home. I like the people, I like the girls, I like driving like a New Yorker here (nobody uses their horns, which is strange for a change), I like the food, I like the laid-back atmosphere. I like the fact that I can find free high-speed net access, no questions asked. If I'm ever a spy living in Northern California and I need a discreet place to come and do my dastardly deeds without being noticed, I know where to go. I like it here.

Probably no more blogging until I'm home on Sunday, at the earliest, but who knows. Pix will start to appear then, or soon thereafter, that I promise, as much as it is within my ability.


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witw said...

Nice blog, David. I stumbled across it from a comment you had on the SportsGrinder blog. Anyway, I know exactly what you mean about using the horn in NorCal. When I first moved out to Sac from upstate NY, I used the horn all the time and people were always either shocked, hurt, or angry about it. If you don't want to get honked at, try moving forward when the light turns green! Five years later, I don't honk nearly as much. I guess California mellowed me out.