You can get an idea from the poem about when it came into being...suffice to say I originally got this email on our college's Boaz student server. If you have any idea what that is, you are at least as old as me. Anyway, its a little more liberal and beery than things really were at our school (ok, for me...for the most part)... but it still has some stuff that you can connect with if you've done, or are doing, the college thing.

My brother started as a freshman at my alma mater this fall, and my fifth year homecoming is at the end of this month. I don't know if I want to go. I can't imagine there's many of us left at this point who are still complete failures by Grove City College standards: still single, 5 years out. I'd be surprised if there's anyone past me, Knauer, and Lumanowski at this point. We're the last of the Mohicans...


Sometime in between moving into the dorm
And begging for an ID,
Somewhere in the middle of an 8 o'clock class,
And watching Friends on our 8 inch TV.

Sometime after the night you forgot,
With the girl you don't remember.
Maybe before the five tests in three days,
Or the party every night in September.

Sometime in the car on the way to Iowa,
For the roadtrip of the year.
After class gets out with that gay TA,
After you finish the last warm beer.

Shortly after you figured out,
This newfangled 'e-mail' thing.
And after you stopped dreaming about,
The fun a 21 ID would bring.

Maybe the morning after you pulled the allnighter,
But finally got the paper done,
Or maybe when you can't remember,
The last Sunday night you had fun.

Somewhere between the day you met your dorm roommate,
And you were sure you got one of the duds,
And the day 4 years later when he's still your roommate,
And he's one of your best buds.

Definitely after you realized how lucky you are,
To have such a great group of friends,
And after you get that sick feeling in you stomach,
Wondering what will happen when it ends.

Maybe on the beach for spring break,
Hot sun, tan bodies, cold beer.
Maybe after you started looking for a job,
And your happy world turned to fear.

Soon after you discovered there's just not enough time,
To do everything you should.
But not before you realized Thanksgiving dinner,
Never tasted so good.

Sometime after the day your parents came to visit,
So you were forced to make your bed.
Or the morning after a tough night at the bars,
And you can't believe the things you said.

Sometime after you enjoy the beautiful weather,
Though it means missing a class.
Probably after laughing on homecoming weekend,
Watching old alumni drunk off their collective ass.

Somewhere between day one and year four,
The best years of your life were spent.
And looking back with a smile and a sigh,
You wonder where those years went.

You try to figure out who made you a victim,
Of the most serious crime,
You offer a reward for any information leading,
To the one who stole the time.

The day is coming closer, and closer,
Until one day it will be your last,
And someone is guilty of doing this to you,
The years have gone way too fast.

Sometime when you were too busy to notice,
Happy as a newborn pup,
Someone came along and did the unthinkable.
Somebody grew us up.

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