A no-post Wednesday? What's up with that? Shoddy work. Shoddy.

Its the job, I tell ya. Tuesday we worked through the night, got home around 4am on Wednesday morning. Thankfully the partner who was repping us cut us some slack and we didn't have to work on Wednesday while they made the pitch to Toys. We find out next week if it sells or not, in which case I spend the next 6 months of my life in beautiful Wayne, NJ.

Extra tasty links for you today to make up for my no-show yesterday. (I warned things could get a little hectic with work picking up...let's just all pray I find a routine. Til then, baby steps.)

First, and most importantly, there are many people in the wake of Hurricane Katrina that need our help. If you haven't given, even a little, yet, please find one of the million easy ways to do so. Specifically, please consider helping out Desire Street Ministries. Some particularly heartbreaking updates on their site.

(I'm linking to NYC, find your city on the right hand side of the site) is one of those links that I feel goes pretty much without saying, as its on my favorites bar and used even more than a normal bookmark. But then I guess its a pretty big thing in NYC compared to how it gets used in the rest of the world. Anyway every once in a while I'm talking to someone about it and they have no idea what I'm talking about, so I felt it deserved a safety link. Craigslist is good for free stuff (especially last minute extra tickets to sporting / music / arts events), finding jobs, finding places to live and/or roommates, and even finding a date. Particularly popular are the missed connections. Filled with sad people who didn't take the chance when they had it...

Just in case there are any schizo liberals left out there that still think the world hates the US for our war on terror...uh, I don't think so. Although not listed on the link, even Afghanistan has made offers of assistance.

This one is just plain weird, but in that kind of cool just plain weird way.

I read Being Poor last week but apparently you might be seeing it in your local paper soon, its getting a lot of press. We live in a nation where, I suppose, the majority of people who read his article will not identify with most of what he says. We need to be thankful for that.

Do you know what they call a quarter pounder with cheese in Sacramento?

Usually when Christmas or a birthday rolls around, I have no idea what to tell mom I want, even though she asks like 40 times. This year that will not be a problem.

Oodle looks useful, Imeem may be pretty cool as well.

Google image search for "woman driver."

Half of me says these people have too much time on their hands but the other half is screaming "I WANT TO DO THAT!"

Cool tool: online parallel Bible.

This is one of those links that the only person who thinks its cool is me, but TGR still rocks.

Our link du jour is an exciting one - news on Tim Keller's new book, to be in print within a year. I can honestly say this ranks in the top 10 most highly-anticipated books of my life (for the most part I enjoy reading things that were written before my time - there just hasn't been that much I've been excited about that's been written recently). Note that the blog is hosted by J and M Keller - two of his sons. I'm friends with the other one, David, so this should be an interesting conversation piece next time we get together. Check out the rest of their blog, its good reading. Found via FirstFloorFlat.


Anonymous said...

Call me a crazy schizo liberal, then. Donating emergency funds and supplies to suffering people makes these countries merciful, but it doesn't mean they love or even agree with U.S. policies and presence overseas.

becca said...

oops...sorry, that post was from me. forgot to log in.

David said...

Well then I'd argue that at best these countries are severely confused. The boys in the Middle East are from all 50 states, including Louisiana and Mississippi. Offering aid to American people who are supporting the war when you are opposed to it just doesn't make much sense in my book.