I'm taking applications for someone who is interested in organizing my bookmarks. This position entails organizing and combining the bookmarks on both my work laptop (already somewhat organized, maybe 33% of them) and my home computer (not organized but significantly less volume of actual bookmarks). Position would also entail listing all my bookmarks (once organized on my FireFox bookmark menu) in my personal del.ic.ious file for safe-keeping.

This temporary position includes the possibility of long-term part-time employment in managing the upkeep of my bookmarks both on my computers and on del.ic.ious.

Compensation: you get access to the literally thousands of cool links I've felt worth remembering at one point or another, and you don't even have to search for them. Hundreds upon hundreds of interesting tools, good reads, and generally cool stuff.

Serious applicants can submit resumes to my email, found in my profile.

Ok now its time for me to be serious...quick and dirty links (again) tonight, taking a brief work break to drain the brain, then its back to organizing all this stupid interview data I've been collecting the past few days. Blech.

Oh, and thanks to these stupid hours I've been unable to run all but one day this week. Pisser.

Christian Carnival is up over at Digitus, Finger & Co.

I know I'm a total nerd for linking to the Cornell Note Taking Method, but I really could have used it earlier in life.

is an awesome tool for people like me who always try to finangle an exit row.

Check these out if you have an interview any time soon. I also highly recommend this book.

Yet another cheat sheet for advanced Google users.

20 ways to say no.

Good way to check and make sure your anti-spyware really is.

Google link of the week (hah, you thought I already gave it to you, that was just a head fake - and here's the real thing, BOO YAH)...is their new wireless connection encrypting tool. All your wifi surfing gets sent through their servers to be encrypted, unviewable to anyone else in the world. Except the Google servers. But its ok, because they are Google, and therefore embody everything that is good and right in the universe. Resistance is futile. (This is actually a pretty good idea if you do a lot of surfing from wifi hotspots like myself. No, really.)

Bonus Google link: Placeopedia uses Google Maps...cool.

Extra Bonus Google link: Census results combined with Google Maps.

Dang...there's lots more links but no time left. No idea when I'll be able to blog again - tomorrow if I can get out of work its off to the weekend getaway thing. This is not going to be a relaxing weekend. For me.

Can somebody relax on my behalf? Thanks. I'll make it up to you later.

(Lots of links thanks to Lifehacker this week.)


Dawn said...

Problem solved: download the Firefox extension for Chipmarks (http://chipmark.com) and they'll host all your bookmarks online and keep them on your computer too. And you can import your current bookmarks as well. So do I get paid for this now? :-p

David said...

Hmm...I dunno. Chipmarks doesn't look like a *social* bookmark manager, which is what makes del.ic.ious so fun...

Gracie said...

Several of those links were very cool. Thanks for the interview link, that will be useful in a few weeks.