So much I want to write about and literally NO time to sit and think and actually write lately. So *that's* been about as fun as a bag of hammers. Last week was bonkers hours out at Toys R Us's headquarters in Wayne, NJ, and some time at our own Florham Park office as well. And lots of time in a car, in between here and those locations.

Friday afternoon rolled around, I shirked some last minute stuff I really should have done, and took off in time to head out to Spruce Lake, a campground retreat type place just a bit into Pennsylvania on I-80. The Hoboken Redeemer had their Fall getaway deal this weekend and as our good friend James MacMillan left us for Holland this past year, my services as a guitarist were requested to help lead song around the campfire. James leaves big shoes to fill.

But it went well, I didn't play too bad, I didn't get much sleep, played too much football with the guys (legs still hurting from that), and I had beers by the fire late at night. So it was a good time. Did some light climbing too, but nothing requiring ropes. I don't think I'll ever be comfortable enough to seriously rock climb again. I think about Emily every time the topic even comes up, let alone when I'm standing at the bottom of a rock face looking up. It just wouldn't be right.

Sunday was youth group, which I had trouble staying awake at, and then football and pizza over at Keller's place. We just sit and check our fantasy pools and flip between the games, its a good time. 49ers lost and then the Steelers did too so I had lots to be sour about on my way home. Did the Sunday evening checking-in with the various family members and called it a day.

I haven't had the camera out in a while. That's something else I need to make the time for. Maybe even throw some pix up here for a change.

More of the same this week - 14 hour days and trying to find time for dry cleaning and eating and sleeping and maybe a run or two. Home fellowship group and men's accountability group both kind of exit stage left when work is this crazy. I don't like it but it is what it is.

Like I said, I've got lots I'd like to write about (topics, I promise, far more interesting than this evening's drivel), and hopefully I'll find some down time to do it this week.


83princess said...

Sounds like you had a busy yet enjoyable weekend.
Hope work is a little less stressful for you this week!


Leanne said...

David freakin' Knowles.... I hope you are doing well. There's been a lot of reminiscing here in Pittsburgh and your name has come up on several occasions. But I hope life is well in NJ and that you are surrounded by people reminding you of God's love for you. Much love from your CCGF/SRT family (well... I would only assume they would send at least a little bit of love your way... otherwise they'd be jerks).