The Institute for Additional Dimension Adjustment Therapy. A good place to go if you've spent too much time here.

The file extension source.

Cool clock.

When paper, rock, scissors isn't enough, RPS-15. And, for the clinically insane, RPS-25.

An interesting anniversary passed this week, the 22nd anniversary of the day Stanislav Petrov saved the world.

I've linked to this before, but it deserves a second...found the whole first episode to the new Chris Rock show on Google Video the other day.

Google link of the week goes to, however, this new maps hack - see where your zip code falls.

Meanwhile...quietly...Google begins its plans to take over the entire universe.

Every guy could use one of these at one point or another.

Wikipedia is a great site, basically an online, constantly updated, user-edited, encyclopedia. Its really quite fascinating - you can read a quick, interesting article about how it can be practically used, here. Using the techniques in that article, its feasible that college students could start getting their term papers basically written for them. Fascinating. Wikipedia has all kinds of interesting info, like lists of unusual deaths, for instance. I particularly liked Jack Daniels'. Of course, I always particularly like Jack Daniels.

I probably skimmed this faster than I should have: how to blog safely.

I'm off to Grove City and Pittsburgh, PA, for my 5th anniversary homecoming at my alma mater. My brother started there as a freshman this fall and I'm really looking forward to hanging out with him. And my sister, Moogs, who's in nursing school in Pittsburgh. And 12 hours of solid road time to think/pray some things through.

So, not much planned in the way of bloggery tomorrow, probably another cheater's post at best. But we'll be back next week in regular hit-or-miss fashion. Have a great weekend.

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