Based on my first 6 or so months here in my new job, and on a couple of conver- sations with co-workers that I've had lately, I'm beginning to realize that I'm in a job right now that basically negates my ability to commit to almost anything.

And I mean anything. About a month ago I committed to lead worship for a church retreat taking place this coming weekend, and right now, Wednesday night, I have simply no idea whether or not I'll actually have the weekend off to do so.

Convenient that I landed this position right about the time I thought I might look into dating a little more seriously. Ironically, my singleness and ability to travel was one of my selling points in landing the job. Now, faced with the prospect of 60-70 hour weeks for the next couple years, I have to deal with the very real possibility that my romantic aspirations will be, for the large part, put on indefinite hold (not that there were any big prospects). At least until I find some kind of stability in this position or move on to bigger and better things.

And this job certainly puts me in a position to move on to such things at a much faster rate. But that's the whole thing with consulting. Everything is so...fast. Your week is gone before you know it, you've worked every waking hour, and yet you're working all weekend because the work is still there.

This is going to be a good test of the healthy Sabbath habits I was blessed to be able to develop over the past 5 years. Perhaps this will simply be a season of work for me. This topic needs some serious prayer and discernment...

At the same time, things could be worse, I could have stayed where I was at and be dealing with this. If you weren't already aware, I submitted my resignation to Macy's just two days before they first announced the acquisition this past spring. Providence works in mysteriously ironic ways.

(FYI if you haven't guessed by now...I worked way too long today then came back to the 'boken to celebrate David (Keller)'s visit to my neighborhood with a couple beers. Dave and I determined that a. you can't win solitaire on the first try, b. any rating above an 8 necessarily assumes personal preference, and c. we should write a book together. Among other things.)

(These are the kind of posts you get on the rare occasions I drink beer.)

(Blogging on a regular basis comes under serious long-term threat as of this week, for reasons already stated. More later.)


Gracie said...

It's at times busiest that it is easiest for me to neglect prayer and reading my bible. I'm so busy that I forget to give God any credit for enabling me to do all that I have. So that's why I try not to let anything encroach on my Sunday.

I hope that you have a good weekend!

David said...

Yeah...I'm with you. Lately I've been encouraged (through dwelling on Christ's prayer life) to rise early to spend some time with the Father. This is something that remains important every day (not just Sunday).

I have made a nearly 100% perfect record in not working on Sundays in my 5 years out of school, but for most of these years I've been volunteering a large part of my Sunday to various youth ministries. I don't want to quit doing this because of how much working with youth has ministered to me.

The problem is that in the last couple years I've pretty much been free on the weekends and able to consider Saturday, or a better part of it, my day of rest. Now this option comes under threat. Stay tuned.