So...yeah. To think that a couple months ago I was complaining that I wanted some structured work for a change. Stupid.

I'm taking a brief blog-break from work, which I'll basically be doing round the clock for the next couple weeks, which is nothing new. Ugh. But hey I have a good job and work with cool people, I can't complain. Very much.

Friday was chill, Saturday was working on the lesson for Sunday, and then that evening I went to the Higher Ground Jazz Benefit at Lincoln Center for Hurricane Katrina victims. Courtesy of my new friend Kristin from church.

It was one of the coolest musical experiences of my life. First time seeing some people I have always wanted to see live, including Elvis Costello, Robin Williams, James Taylor, Aaron Neville, Laurence Fishburne and Bette Midler. Plus many more. All the big names in Jazz were there, and Wynton Marsalis did an incredible job leading the various band pieces. Bill Cosby was really the only big disappointment of the night, otherwise it was pretty much 5 straight hours of simply incredible music. I'd love to write more about it, but I digress...

Sunday was church, high school group, hanging out with Keller at his place checking our pool scores and talking about girls. Stopped by the Hoboken church after the service on my way home, and then the work week started again. Worked / dozed through An Ideal Husband with the roomie and his girl.

Tonight I banged out an 8-miler after work and am watching Clinton Portis' failure to produce and the Dallas defense's success against Washington give me my second loss in the football pool in as many weeks. I blame Peyton for playing worse than his younger brother this week. ARGH. I need to trade Portis.

Light blogging this week as work will be ridiculous and I have to devote my spare time to preparing to lead worship at the Hoboken church's weekend-getaway this weekend. Please pray for me should you think to - I haven't been playing much lately and am totally unprepared to lead 60 some people in worship all weekend.

Thank God in heaven that I get to work from home tomorrow.

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Gracie said...

It is a busy time for everyone right now I think, I've been signed up for more classes than I can take!

Yeah, with God's grace I'll pull through.

I've enjoyed your blog! Have a refreshing break...