Apologies for the second week in a row for missing a Friday post. This week I have no poetry to placate you with. But I am blogging in the middle of a holiday weekend. Holiday weekend for you, I mean - not for me.

Friday I showed up in the office for an 8am conference call that never happened. I worked for the next 16 hours. It was the second day I worked an 8-to-midnight in a row. The days before that last week weren't much better. But it meant I didn't have to work yesterday, which was nice...laundry and a decent dinner and collapsing early (early for me, in the PM for a change). But of course I'm working again today, hoping to wrap up in time to watch the A's / Yanks game over at Ko's with him and Moody. I'm waiting on my counter-part to email me her portion of our project that she just got around to working on right now. Convenient for me, not like I got my stuff done early in the day so I could have the evening free...or something. So I'll be working during the game. And after.

And I'm working tomorrow. Pisser. Not all day, I'll get a game of ball in with the guys in the morning, but that will be about it.

I haven't had time for ANYthing lately, so if you're among the masses of people I owe a call / email to, my apologies. The three months of not doing very much in the way of work was nice, and heaven knows I needed it to prepare me for this kind of frenetic work-all-holiday-weekend pace.

My most painfully ironic Labor Day ever.

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