The Million Dollar Homepage...some day I'm going to think of something like this and retire.

Google link of the week is their much heralded Blog Search. But wait, bonus Google link: if you start digging a very deep hole, and just keep digging, where will you come out on the other side of the planet? Good thing this never worked in our backyard in Cali, I would have ended up in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

Think gas prices are high? Exxon doesn't. They're on track to make more money this quarter than any company has made in any quarter, ever.

Blog of the week goes to Pray for Katie. Please pray for her. It won't cost you a thing.

Boundless Webzine looks pretty cool, maybe I can get some of my stuff on their site too.

I don't think I've linked to McSweeney's before, but there's some classic stuff there. Peruse at your own risk. You might consider starting with Implausible Claims Made by Vanilla Ice in His 1990 No. 1 Hit "Ice Ice Baby."

Gmail Tips - The Complete Collection

The Mutopia Project - apparently legally free music.

Like McSweeney's, this is another one of those links that I suppose most people have found on their own by now, but its incredibly useful just in case you haven't found it yet. Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Oh, and my sister made the mistake of deciding to keep her blog on the evil and not-owned-by-Google and therefore totally unsanctified xanga. So I *guess* you could go visit her over there, if you're feeling extremely benevolent.

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