Well its 10pm and I'm still working. Ugh. Good news is that I *think* I'm going to be free this weekend. Who knows...all depends on how tomorrow goes. Anyway, abridged links, again, thanks to too much work. I'll try to put some actual time / thought into them next week.

The link of the week, of course, is my big break. This is where it all starts. You were with me in the beginning, I won't forget that when I'm closing major book deals.

What else...what else...

Google Maps link of the week, smugMaps. Eeeenteresting.

Free Tibet. Then free classical music.

Cool Google Tutor on finding unprotected directories. Kind of like that Troogle or whatever it was I linked to a week or two ago.

Answers to 40 (common) Objections to Christianity.

God's Yellow Pages - used to keep a printout of something similar in my Bible in college.

This guy predicted the disaster in New Orleans back in 2001. Can you say "I told you so..."?

Google can tell you how to whistle the loud way. I'm going to learn this over the weekend. That's my one main goal for the long weekend.

The New York Times points out some of my Santa Barbara fave eats.

If I do two things this weekend (first is whistling), the second will be either cleaning my room or uploading a picture to this cool ASCII tool. Guess which.

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83princess said...

Have fun whistling!!
And I hope you get the weekend off!