This is how recruiters should be advertising for our Navy.

Apparently if you suffered late charges from Hollywood Video recently, you're eligible for free movie rentals.

The Third Annual Nigerian Email Conference
. This is freakin hysterical.

Whoa, cool.

Write an email to yourself in the future. Duuuuuuude.

For the ladies.

Reader supplied link (very rare indeed): weirdest sports injuries. K I think my hubcap to the face injury of last year ranks here. Except its not sports, unless you call chasing a kid with a hubcap across the park a sport. Which I guess it could be. I mean there is that artsy gymnastics stuff that they put on every time the Olympics rolls around, right after the real gymnastics is finished, which is kind of like giving a kid who just opened all his birthday presents a toy from a cereal box or something and expecting him to play with it. I mean seriously, just when you're all gymnastic drama-ed out from the insanity of it all, they bring on the not-really-gymnastics gymnastic competition? I hate that. Does anyone really watch that?

No. You would at least think that, years ago, someone would have had the decency to put it in front of the real gymnastics. Maybe that way some people might at least watch it as a kind of warm-up deal. "Aw, aren't they cute, they think they're like the real gymnast girls..." Its kind of like when you went to the rodeo as a kid, and they let some midgets ride out on a sheep or something. Except here the girls are the same size, and they think its for real, which makes it kind of sad, in a way. And that's why its funny. And maddening: what I don't like about it is that the distractions are so obvious - look over here at this hula-hoop, or this ball, or watch these batons in the air while I pretend to do something athletic down here on the ground.

I wouldn't be surprised if some professional post-real-gymnastics artsy-gymnastics girl finds this and goes bonkers on me. Its entirely possible. Makes me think of my whole "Cheerleading is not a sport" diatribe, but I'm not even going to start that now. I only put myself out there for one castration at a time.

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