Well everyone's all a-fuss this week over what just so happens to be the Google link of the week, Google Print. I like it. Threw in the words "if I find in myself a desire" and "lewis," and the first three results were all the quote I was looking for (see the bottom of the blog, if you never have), the third being the actual book the text is in - it took me straight to the page. Awesome. Also quite cool is that once you're on a book page, at least for a Firefox user, your back/forward buttons scroll through the pages rather than taking you to the previous search page - instead they have a nifty sidebar that will take you either back to the search or to the other results directly.

Its only the next logical step for the library of congress to go electronic - I don't personally see huge copyright issues, per se. Of course digital media is in the slow, painful process of essentially redefining what the nature of a copyright really is, and will be, but I digress... It was bound to happen sooner or later. People fear change.

And now I'm thinking of the countless hours this could have saved me looking for quotes to throw in papers throughout high school and college.

Speaking of Firefox, check out PC Mag's article on the top 15 extensions for it. I use most of them at this point, some more than others. I use some that weren't in the article too. I just figured since I still haven't gotten around to blogging about that, I'd give a teaser.

You know when CD's first came out, and you thought they were cool? Then one day you left one playing after all the songs were over, just because you forgot to turn it off, and about 8 minutes later you jumped in surprise when a song came on out of nowhere, and then you began to realize that this was in fact a hidden track? And then you thought CD's were really cool? Yeah there's a site for hidden tracks now. What isn't there a site for?

Christian Carnival is up over at A Physicist's Perspective.

Cockeyed should have gone on last week's links because I haven't had much chance to check it out, but I did enjoy reading about their TGI Friday's menu skit. Reminded me straight away of ImprovEverwhere. Also, the guy who wrote the TGIF deal is from Sac! Sactown in the house.

Home was also on my mind this week when I googled up Mustard Seed School. The first result was the one I was looking for, the school our friend Christine runs here in Hoboken. But what caught my eye was the third result - a school by the same name in Sactown. This one is for homeless kids, however, and its a part of Sacramento's Loaves and Fishes, a great organization that I'm familiar with.

Here's some interesting tidbits about the town, courtesy of the exteremly disappointing Sacramento Blog (this was the first one I found, I'm sure there's better ones out there...I mean I hope...).

Cool internet clock.

You know how sometimes you see something and your only response is the classic "That...was...AWESOME!" I had that for Store Wars.

(Today's photo courtesy of Stephen Johnson's Gallery)


83princess said...

Hello, I know you don't know me but I am a friend of BethanyLynn's, anyway, I just wanted to say that the picture is beautiful!
Thanks for sharing!!


David said...

Hey Sarah.

That picture is from the sidewalks that surround one of the most beautiful places in one of the most beautiful cities in one of the most beautiful states in the US. Uhh, right...its the sidewalks that surround the capitol building in Sacramento, CA. There's a palm tree every 20 feet or so as you can see, and they line the many city blocks around the park that the capitol sits in the middle of. The park has one of every tree that grows indigenously in CA, I believe. So, yeah, its awesome.

Check out the aerial view, here.