So I'd say its about time we got around to throwing some links up, eh?
Christian Carnival is up.

If you only visit 2 of my links this week, see CC above and then watch Manamana. Watch it 20 times. Do it now.

Also its the Hubble's 15th anniversary, and this recap is pretty cool.

Your Google link of the week is what happens when you Google images for Darth Vader without his mask on.

Another way the internet just keeps making life better for everyone: Celebrities playing table tennis.

Only about 1620 days til I might start watching the late show...the Conan Countdown.

Was that a secret message?
(Dominic Errazo is my hero)

Free Katie.

So I'm browsing Ifilm last week when I notice they have Improv Everywhere's video from Even Better Than the Real Thing on there. This probably means more traffic for me, but my stupid traffic monitor is broken and I guess I may never know.

Also, what could be better than Ron Burgundy's audition for an ESPN position?

I have lots more to link to but at this point its almost the next week already, so I'll just save them for then, I suppose, because I am lazy like that. But not before I give a MAJOR shout out to my homie, the Nardinator. Send this man a care package, people.

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