The chances that I might actually post last week's links tomorrow, on Monday, are, I'd say...strong...to very strong...

But it ain't gonna happen tonight. Tonight you get your third blather-crap post in a row. I'm on a rampage.

Church today was a fascinating sermon by David Bisgrove on judgment - I've really come to enjoy his preaching in lieu of Tim's. I need to spend some time this summer really getting to worship early, getting in the mind-mode, and digging into the sermons that some of the other pastors will be preaching. Although it looks like work will be kicking back up for me in the very near future, I actually consider that a good thing - a return to routine and system after a nice 3-month paid sabbatical of sorts. So, along with a great deal of work and learning and studying, I'll be focusing on reviving some of my spiritual practices that I can honestly say have lagged, for no better reason than sheer burn-out, over the past few months. Devotions, prayer, and worship are primary on that list.

After church was the year-end picnic for the group, and it was bittersweet in a way as we'll be losing a couple of our leaders who are moving on for work/school this summer, and won't join us next year. I'll particularly miss my homie and accountability partner Pauly Walnuts. There's pictures and as soon as I can get a hold of them, I'll post them. Also Paul and I continued our annual tradition of distracting Kathy and then emptying a cooler of ice water on her.

Then it was off to the H store in Soho to clean up on simply ridiculous savings. I got (among a lot of other things) a Zegna suit (because Zegna makes H's suit line). I can't really go into what kind of savings I was getting because my connection, while legit, is rather private. Suffice to say I didn't pay near what a Zegna suit should cost. This was pretty much my first experience ever of really going out and shopping for clothes. Before and during college, it was here and there - whatever you needed at the moment you ran out and bought, whatever, no big trips. Then since college everything I've ever needed has just been on ready supply in the offices I've worked in, and so for 5 odd years I was free from the misery of shopping. Now that I'm pretty much out of the industry, I have to take the deals where I can get them, so I finally broken down and did a real true wardrobe update. Now I need to figure out how I'm going to pay for all of it.

I didn't get a single thing done that I was hoping to do on Saturday and then pushed to Sunday, and now its going on 8pm and this is the first I've sat down all day. So I doubt much will happen tonight. Hopefully I'll have a day or two before the traveling begins, but I have a feeling I'm going to find out tomorrow morning that I need to leave tomorrow night, or best case Tuesday morning. So who knows how much time I'll actually have to get things done. Or maybe I won't go at all. Who knows.

I'm not even going to promise links tomorrow at this point, they may just not happen at all until this week's links come up. Also S-tracking is still withholding my information like an evil demon machine of a website. Oh how I hate S-tracking.

That is all.

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