How wonderful for you. Thursday's usually linkery comes a day early this week, thanks to my planned trip to Atlanta, tomorrow through Monday. Please note that no blogging is promised until Monday, possibly Tuesday, at the earliest, due to this trip, and you should therefore consider rationing yourself on the following links. I'll do my best to hop on here and there if I can, but this will likely prove the first gap in daily posting since I made my last effort to revive the daily post deal.

First, and most importantly, if you click on no other link in this post, go here. It's this week's Christian Carnival, hosted by Reformed Politics, and we're all very grateful for his hard work. Lots of great reading to be found here.

Rule of Four appears to be a book promo site. I figured out the first few puzzles, then got bored. But its an interesting approach to marketing fiction.

Lots of Google goodies this week, just because. First off, Google's market cap continues to hover in the high seventies to low eighties - it was nigh on 83 bil when I checked earlier this week. Either way, its still worth more than Disney and GM combined. Maybe they're on to something over there...

You can personalize Google now, btw. I may have already mentioned this, no idea.

Easter eggs
(the electronic kind, not the real kind) now have a home on the internets.

As does the solar death ray.

Two more Googles that I may already have spoken of are Google Sightseeing and Scravengoogle. Both good time wasters based on Google maps.

Interesting brain game. If you miss the red, you get taken back to the previous level. I was able to finish it in 200 and a few seconds, but I think I could go lower if I gave it another shot. Gets mighty diffy towards the end.

Apparently Ligers are real. And freakin HUGE. Seriously, scroll back up and look at the size of its head.

The freakin French figured out how to get a helicopter to the summit of Everest. This is the in-freaking-credible link of the year award - getting a combustion engine to function, much less a helicopter blade to cut enough air at a height where oxygen is so scarce, is nigh on impossible. I'm half tempted to question this link's authenticity, but I watched the video, and for the life of me it looks legit. I don't know, gonna have to read up. Anyway, they didn't actually set the copter down on the summit, so I'm less than impressed either way. Figure out how to win a war and maybe I'll give you a nod. Even if they had pulled it off, I think I'd be more pissed that someone did this than impressed. Even if they weren't French.

This guy rents hotel rooms and paints/tattoos the wall underneath the pictures hanging in the room. And of course, there is a website for this kind of thing, too. Naturally.

Crying while eating is perhaps the funniest thing ever. Or not. But at least it has its own website.

This is called the coolest picture ever. I disagree, because I've seen pictures of, oh...Charlize Theron...that are much cooler. However this may be the biggest weird sci-fi space picture thing, ever.

Sweet! The Millenium Falcon was in Episode 3! What would we do without our nerds?

I have taken absolutely no look at this blog, and I don't need to. Just the first few lines were enough for me to give it my full-fledged endorsement.

Wendy's gives us a weird waste of time, but the line at the end makes it worth it. Almost.

Please call the internet. Then leave me a comment and let me know what it said. Maybe it wants to play tennis.

Scare Tactics
is just plain great. I want to see this show in its entirety.

That's all for now. Its a lot, I know, and hopefully you haven't used all of them already, because you've got the weekend to get through. You can do it.

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