Hey howabout that, looks like links get pushed all the way to Sunday this week. I wouldn't say they're in danger of not happening at all. Yet.

Tonight was Julie's birthday party at 'disiac - a smallish but very nice joint off of Ninth somewhere in the 50's. Very neighborhoodish but still very NYC metrocool. Patio out back was bigger than the bar room up front, and we had a row of tables on one side of the patio reserved. Nice crowd, took off early to get home and work on tomorrow's lesson, the last of the year. Gave 3 of the Hoboken gals a lift home, swung and missed, got home, ordered chinese, did the lesson, and...here we are.

I hate folding laundry. I really do. More than any other house chore, I hate folding laundry. I don't mind doing the laundry, separating it, getting it to the dryer, to the basket...but I am so incredibly averse to actually folding it. Many weeks I end up needing to iron a good number of t-shirts because they sat in a wrinkled ball with the rest of the laundry for far too long.

This is my dresser. It serves, basically, as a stand for clean, unfolded laundry. I hate folding laundry. This is what I need a girlfriend for - to fold my laundry. That's about it.

Also, this afternoon, J left a cup of ice water on our glass dining room table. The sunlight caused steam to come off the bottom of it, which was cool. Hard to get a good picture of, but still cool.


Anonymous said...

Your pile of clean clothes on your dresser looks like my pile on my floor.
I WAS the girlfriend who folded laundry, and let me tell you, that was a mistake! Tell me you don't really mean that the only reason you need a girlfriend is to fold your laundry?!

Dawn said...

I'd was going to say something similar, but it's already been said. Though I'm not "the girlfriend who folded laundry" by any means.

David said...

I figured that line might elicit a comment or two.

No, no, no...I don't really mean that the only reason I need a girlfriend is to fold my laundry.

I hate vacuuming too.

I kid! I kid! I don't *need* a girlfriend at all. I'm just saying, if I ever had one again, and she didn't mind folding laundry, that wouldn't be a bad thing. You'll notice it wasn't on my list of must-haves last week though.

BethanyLynne said...

How pathetic.

You claim you don't look for comments, but you soooo do, David.

You were disappointed that your heartfelt (and well written) post about relationships didn't get the comments you expected, so you purposefully baited the female readers of your blog in order to salvage the commentness.

Now you're even linking back to the previous post. You don't look for comments. Pfft.

HLRSchlegel said...

DCHK - as the "wife" I fold the laundry because my wonderful husband - does the rest of the laundry duties. It's all part of the teamwork - compromise thing. And you know what sometimes that basket sits for a week and eventually one of us gets around to folding the clothes.
You don't need a girlfriend for laundry duties - you need a maid or a wife who is willing.

David said...

Wow just LOOK at all the comments. WOW.

Ok first, Beth...I'm not sure what you're talking about when you imply that I'm trolling for commentness, and yet I also don't recall ever claiming not to look for commentness. So there.

And as for you, HLRS, I have no need for a wife. A girlfriend can fold laundry just as well as any wife, and I'm not going to be in the jewelry market anytime soon. So...there.