One year ago today, I wrote this.

Its been an interesting year. Some things changed significantly, many stayed the same. Passed some milestones, too. I've been out of college for 5 years now, and remained single for the extent of that period. I feel like I've learned a lot about myself and very little about certain other things. Made a fairly major job change this year, thank God - really my first unimposed job change in my adult working life. Have done more thinking about what to pursue as a career, and am still basically at the same point I was a year ago. But I'm still thinking.

Some details:

By my count I've written about 232 posts, including this one. No idea how many words that makes, because blogger's user profile tells me I've only written 92 posts for around 32,000 words. Attempts to contact them to rectify that problem have proved fruitless. Do the math, and in the first 92 posts I averaged about 350 words per post, so you add another 140 posts at that rate and you get a rough estimate of 81,000 words (49+32). I have a feeling that I got in more words per post later in the year, however, so I may well have been closer to 90,000.

That's less than a post a day, obviously, which is something I've only been good at during certain times in the past year. I think ideally I'll get to the point where I'm 95% regular with week day postings, and I'll likely start taking weekends off. This should happen around the time I get my first project assignment with the new job (read: soon). I leave 5% for the unexpectedly busy days and some travel / vacation possibilities.

Blogger isn't the only website with issues however. I've always been nervously skeptical about S-tracking's storage of my information, but they've been the best free website traffic monitor I've come across so far, so I've stuck with them. Began tracking in the early days of my blog, and I could give you lots of other detail on my visitors if only my stupid login would work. Haven't been able to access their site for weeks now, which is, consequently, driving me bonkers. I've written them several notes begging for help from their main page, today I even took a shot in the dark and sent an pitiful email to webmaster@s-tracking.com. Why won't they respond to me?

So this will likely lead to a second posting, when, if ever, I am finally able to access my traffic information again.

In the mean time, happy birthday, blog!

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