Thought I'd give blog the day off on Thursday to sleep off the celebrating festivities from its birthday. Also it was a crazy day in the office, getting stood up for a meeting with my career counselor, then I came home and busted out a 10-miler, which took it all out of me, which was ok because I needed to crash early for an EARLY golf game this morning. I played worse than I can ever remember playing, ever. So that was a lot of fun. And Cregan wants to go again tomorrow and I'm probably going to go. Whatever.

Got a VM while I was probably on the 14th hole or so from a senior manager wanting to put me on a project starting Monday. Put him on standby while I buzzed my CC about it, who told me to take it, naturally. This way I'm no longer bugging him trying to find a good position, instead I'm stuck on one that isn't a great fit. Whatever - I can't complain after this long off. So long story short I may be staffed and spending my weeks between Raleigh, NC and Toronto, Canada, from Monday until sometime around October, if my role on the project, and the project itself stay on target. Which I'm very sure will happen. Right. Or maybe it won't happen at all - I still haven't gotten confirmation to book travel, though it sounds like it probably will happen. I dunno.

So this afternoon I helped Cregan with the groceries and then made the fruit salad for our cook out for the kids who went with us to Atlanta. Which I never posted the pictures for. And I never posted the pictures from the U2 concert, come to think of it. Add those 2 to the to-do for list tomorrow. Anyway it was a nice evening and I got to cook lots of meat over fire, which is just about as natural as a man can feel.

Tomorrow is get-my-life-in-order-as-best-as-possible day should I be traveling full time for the foreseeable future. Dry cleaning, laundry, mail, phone calls, bills, paperwork, family stuff, general organization and lots of other fun stuff. No lesson to prepare for Sunday as its our year-end picnic. Hoo RAH.

Last year's picnic sent me to the emergency room after a freak accident with a flying hub cap. No joke.

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