first things first

Welcome to my blog. That sounds weird, just saying it (ok, typing it). My blog. Mine. I feel selfish already.

I am foraying here, and as such, feel no real need to supply you at the outset with a mission statement or vision or plan for my blog future. I have pretenses of being a writer someday and thought this might make a good start of it. Also thought it might be a way for a few of the people out there who are interested in my life to be able to check in on it from time to time without the painstaking commitment of a phone call. Let's face it, even the phone call is becoming mildly outdated in our day and age. Expect to see here: news, personal stuff, opinion, et cetera...we shall see.

So there you have it. My first post, to my first blog. Just think. You're one of the people who got in on the ground floor. Someday you'll be able to brag that you were reading my blog from day one.

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Anonymous said...

DCHK - I will always be willing to pick up the cell phone and call you. If you answer is really the other story. I hope I will find your readings almost as entertaining as talking to you.... make me proud!