Its response Wednesday (see here if you're wondering why), and once again I've been working far too much to find time to read much of value. We're getting a slow start on the 2 books-per-month goal for '06 (which, yes, I know, is a weak goal).

So, instead, you get shameless self-linking. I've been noticing lately that I've been finding less and less time to sit and write out a quality mid-length post - lately all I've had is low-quality shorties. So in an attempt to begin reversing that trend, we're going to have a flash-back episode of sorts here (you know, the one where everyone sits around remembering previous episodes)...

Way back when I was starting this blog, I was making plans, complaining about a job I hated, and speculating on being single. I remember how I used to write posts even about the undulations on the sidewalks here in Hoboken, that was around the same time I actually still took pictures and put them up.

Between speculating on whether homosexuality is a choice (or not), and blogging my sermon notes on the topic of Anger, there was a good deal of Theological content in my first 6 months or so of blogging.

2004 was a year that ended with me doing a fair bit more reading than I'm doing nowadays, as evidenced in my introspection on not taking pride in my work. (Or perhaps my linking the topics of lust and Santa Claus).

So that was the second half of 2004...leaves me room to pull another one of these together next week if I don't get around to actually reading. Convenient.

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