Fast and furious links. I have a hot date with my pillow, and we're getting started early tonight. I've been up til at least 1am every night for like 2 weeks and probably averaged a down-time of 3am. So, I. Am. Tired. But never too tired for links...

World Jump Day

10 Web Trends That Should Die in 2006

Random Chuck Norris Fact: Top Thirty Facts

Anna, one of the DC Grover crew, recently had a book review published in the Washington Times. She also came to spend a couple days in NYC with a buddy of hers, and they made the mistake of deciding to crash at my place and not get the spare keys before heading out for the evening. This was the night of the same day I flew back red-eye, so this was one of the closer-to-1am bedtimes for me. I passed out cold with the phone in the other room, and our buzzer is broken, so they never were able to get in that night. I'm a good friend. But this link is really about Anna's article.

Click Here You Idiot

50 Best Firefox Extensions for Power Surfing (I've been meaning to write my own version of this)

The other night I spent a good deal of time reviewing the topic of English mnemonics. I have no idea why. But if I'm ever on Jeopardy and the topic comes up...boy...

The best blonde joke ever (on the internet).

7 habits of highly effective people

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