Its Friday night at 12:40am. I'm in Vermont. Rainy, mainly snow-less Vermont. 40% of the runs open tomorrow, with rain starting in the afternoon. And this is the best snow opportunity I've seen so far this season, including my time home at Christmas - it was even warmer there.

Argh. At least the drive up went fairly fast for a Friday-head-north-to-ski weekend. Of course now I know why the traffic was light. Along the way there was a lot of laughing about my continued insistence that Beyonce is my sister, as well as the fact that the job never ends for those guys who have to paint the Golden Gate bridge.

No idea what tomorrow will be like, but we're going to have to come up with something. As for now, I've got an hour or two of work ahead of me, as does Tim, our gracious host. Tim is a friend of Bo - they know each other through work - Bo is a friend of mine, we were in the same orientation class when I started at Accenture. Tim and I were just talking about how pitiful this is that we're both up doing work at this point in the week. I am now thinking that may be the first time I actually mentioned my new employer's name here since I started there. Perhaps not. Can't remember.

Anyway, regardless of what happens tomorrow, we have to get on the road early on Sunday so we can get back into the city in enough time for me to catch the Steelers game.

That's all I've got. The normal blah. But I have come up with a bit of actually creative stuff lately. Not sure if any of it will be deemed good enough to blog at some point, but you never know. Monday might be more interesting than normal. But you never know.

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