Strange Day

It was supposed to be raining all morning but apparently it died down by about 4am, when I got up. By the time I got into the city, one thing was clear, it was going to be warm. Suited up, headed up to the UES, kicked around for a while.

Met Bare Naked Ladies (the band). Some moo-moo couldn't take a decent picture of us with them on my camera, and I'm not going to post the bad ones.

It was fairly windy so we didn't get the balloons way up there. Had a decent scare in the middle of Times Square when we caught a tailwind that pushed one of BB's eyes straight into a lone traffic light, right above where a bunch of Army dudes were sitting watching the parade. Then near the bottom of TS, a cop asked me if I could stop the balloon so their buddy could propose.

She said "Yes." Saw the Bartholomews and a few others when we were stopped right under Redeemer's offices, then caught a similar tailwind just as we tried to make the turn off Broadway onto 34th street. This time BB was trying to take out Katie Couric and Matt Lauer, and I'd estimate it came within about 5 feet of their booth.

Wrapped up, suited down, came home, watched football, crashed. Went to Tony's for a delightful dinner with 9 others. There was no football on there so I had to leave in order to catch the second game. Walking home it was blustering and actually cold, like jacket cold. Strange day.


Darlene said...


I was cruzing through the blogs and I noticed yours. It is nice to see something that doesn't weird me out and someone who's chief end is to glorify God.

Visit my site if you wish, I enjoy visitors!
What would Jesus Blog?

Not to be confused with the other... (wwjb)

God Bless,


Obsconder said...

I enjoyed reading about your thanksgiving day events. Nice pictures, sounds like you had alot of fun for one day! Happy Thanksgiving!